Our mission

We will act as true heroes to be able to support victims
at the site of devastated areas,
such as The Great East Japan Earthquake hit on March 11,
Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake, Miyakejima Island or Okinawa.
We will actually help not only such domestic problems
but also various kinds of overseas disaster from now on.
We promise you that we will never sit back
and ignore the problems as real heroes, not as a fictitious party.

We start this business not only for a charity
but also for getting a running expense of our action.

If the management relies only on donation,
it takes too much time to work and wouldn't expect the long lasting action.

We do not merely rely on donation and subsidy for our running expense.
With digging up the funds by ourselves,
we increase speed and aim at permanent action.

Two basic businesses

OmoCharity which means charity using toys, (as Omocha is toy in Japanese).
A business which collects toys through the Internet
and delivers them to the children at devastated areas.

Personal events
A business which is deep-rooted in the local community,
such as wedding ceremonies or birthday parties.

We do not give priority to profit,
however, we will arrange such circumstance as to cooperate continuously,
so that people who involve this business can reduce their shares of the expense.

This allows us quick response to any disasters
that would require next action from now on.

Everyone who wants to protect one’s beloved ones can be a hero.
In order to be true heroes who can offer safe and hope for the frightened children,
we will go to the real sites beside them.
We are not imaginary existence of heroes in fancies or dreams.

This is our most important mission.