About OmoCharity

After the recent Tohoku Earthquake, everyone spared by the disaster was heartbroken by the devastation and felt a strong desire to find some way to personally help.

Donating money to charity.

We thought of a way to help.
Something that is so simple, anyone can do it, anytime.

“We want to bring toys to the children”

Now is the time for your toys, which have been shut away in the back of the closet, rarely seeing the light of day, to come to action.
These things that you don’t need anymore will bring smiles to children’s faces.

We will take your well wishes along with the toys and personally deliver them to the hands of the children. They will receive your feelings.

This is the idea behind OmoCharity.

We sincerely hope you can support the idea behind this project, and we look forward to your cooperation.

Everyone at Flare Factory